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The almost brimless hats worn by 16th century Ecuadorians resembled a Spanishhat style of the time called a toque. Consequently, the Spaniards in Ecuador began to refer to the straw from which the hats were woven as toquilla straw, or paja toquilla.

At Gaviota Hats, we are committed to continue the legacy of craftsmanship of this beautiful art. More importantly, to keep alive this ancestral tradition. Gaviota Hats wants to share with you how our hats are made, with dedication, love, and pride by skilled artisans, living in the beautiful mountains of Colombia.

Our History

Gaviota Hats was created with the fine fashion and style in mind. Like in the past, garments were handmade taking care of the details; offering the public not just a piece of clothing, but a work of art.

Following this line of thinking, that is more of a tradition of providing quality garments to our customers, Gaviota Hats are handmade by artisans, creating not only a hat but a piece of art.

There are a lot of hats around, but Gaviota Hats are unique in many ways. Our hats are made from natural fibers of the palm braided straw shaw (Carludovica Palmata), after a process of gathering, fiber separation, cooking, washing, dying, and drying; this allows the artisan to weave fiber by fiber, a delicate masterpiece from years of tradition.

Our hats are ergonomically designed with the customer in mind, to fit the contour of the head, giving comfort to the user. Being made of natural fibers, (not plastic or synthetic fibers), our hats are very light in weight allowing proper ventilation and preventing excessive heat on the user’s head.

Our hats offer a wide range of styles to satisfy even the most demanding taste, from classic to casual,  from sports to the young hipster.

Gaviota Hats have a style to fit every personality. From the youngest to the wisest. 

At Gaviota Hats, our commitment is to serve our customers with the highest responsibility by offering items that have been handmade. Taking special care of the details of comfort and elegance, offering not just a dress, but a way of living, naturally free.

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